Family Health and Fitness Day 2023

Family Health and Fitness Day 2023

The health of a family member can affect the entire family. It is important to diagnose and treat illness when it is at a minute level. Family Health and Fitness Day 2023 is seen on June 10th. It is an initiative from the National Recreation and Park Association.  

Why is Family health important?

Having a family member who is bed-ridden, unable to move makes us feel disheartened. It affects each family member’s mental health, which may lead to discomfort in physical health.  

We share the same genes and habits of our family. Science and research has always proved that one’s genes can show a significant percentage in the manifestation of a disease, yet it is your environment and lifestyle which determines your health.  

Changing a habit alone can be difficult but if you have a support system like your family then everything seems possible and fun.  

As a person ages, the absorption of nutrients seems difficult, so it's important to ensure one consumes all the nutrients. One can include health supplements like Multivitamins for balanced nutrition.  

Why should you make a fitness routine?

Research suggests that an individual should lead a moderate lifestyle or at least walk for about 30 minutes a week. This can help you spend quality time with your family. 

After 60 years of age, people usually tend to have joint pain and other ailments or issues. For joint pain reliefone can always checkout BodyFirst Advance Collagen as it helps to maintain the hyaline cartilage's structural integrity and strengthens the joints. 

If you are in your 30s, you can start with wellness products like Fish Oil for your Heart Health, Eye Healthand BodyFirst My Spray for your bone health. It also works as an immunity booster and packs antioxidants for your body.  

How can you take care of your family?

Most of us have delved into making our lives better by working hard on our careers. Meanwhile we forget to take care of our families. It is your duty to take care of them in this period through simple steps like  

  1. Have a balanced diet: A Balanced diet can make wonders if you persistently consume it. Include more fibers like salads, greens, fruits or you can also include Fenugreek Fibre for extra fiber. It also keeps your diabetes under control. (helps control blood sugar) 
  2. Exercise routine: Having a routine of nature walks or daily exercise for at least half an hour can improve your overall health. 
  3. Cut down on junk food: Kids nowadays indulge on more junk food than ever. You can simply swap their chocolate spread with BodyFirst Peanut Butter for their protein consumption and good fats. 
  4. Go on vacations: Going on vacations makes the bond stronger. It gives much time to spend together, learn from each other and heal from past experiences. Well, if you are someone who requires cleanliness on the go, checkout BodyFirst MyFoam. 
  5. Regular checkups: Regular checkups will let you know about your health and what you need to make priority. It shows the mirror about your health status. 

Consider Family Health & Fitness Day 2023 as the beginning of your family's commitment to becoming physically active. Annual visits with your doctor and a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to ensure the long-term health of your family. 

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