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Bodyfirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd is a science based wellness group that is proudly Indian, with a home grown line of nutraceutical products. The BodyFirst® team takes pride in our principle of providing World Class, Clean, Safe, Qualified, Effective, Certified and Science Based health products.

Our approach to good health is very innovative by using only the finest ingredients sourced from the best global suppliers across India, Japan, Malaysia, France, Ireland, Germany and the USA which supports in the overall wellbeing, supporting immunity boost and building sustainable health. We cater to the nutritional needs of sports enthusiasts, hobby seekers, gym goers, senior citizens, children, women, students, corporate professionals & the entire family, building preventive wellness for better health with a wide range of nutraceuticals, wellness essentials, health foods, pre workout and post workout products and many such. Because we believe, everyone is Made For More!!!

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Better Endurance With Astaxanthin

I am using the BodyFirst® Astaxanthin from Astareal® Japan and results are superb! It improves my endurance by lowering the lactic acid levels during exercise. Most importantly it is Informed Sports Certified which assures me it is clean, safe and free from banned substances to consume!

Anup Valmiki

Energy Booster Ashwagandha

Love this product, it has no side effects and totally organic. To name a few benefits, it has helped me in reducing my anxiety and stress and also improved my energy levels & endurance. Definitely a must try product!

Vinay Valmiki

Control Your Body Weight With Fenugreek Fibre

I love the taste, packaging as well the product's results.

Prasanna Ventakesh
  Clinically Researched Ingredients  Safe Effective   Qualified    Trusted   Free From Banned Substances   GMO Free