Fenugreek : A High-fiber Powerhouse for Digestive Health

Fenugreek : A High-fiber Powerhouse for Digestive Health

Trigonella foenum-graecum, also known as methi or fenugreek seeds, is an annual herb used both as a spice and a medicinal and as a high fibre foods. The fenugreek plant is indigenous to Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and India. 

Nearly all Indian cuisine uses dried fenugreek leaves and seeds. Fenugreek seeds have a distinctive flavor that is nutty but not overly bitter and it is one of the sources of fiber. After soaking the methi seeds in water for an entire night, we can use the fenugreek powder,  leaves, and seeds as a spice or eat them. Fenugreek seeds, also known as methi dana, are tiny, golden-brown seeds with a distinct scent and a mildly bitter flavor.

 In India, kadhi, dosa batter, rice, lentils, snacks, and pickles are all flavored with methi seeds or methi powder. 

Fenugreek extract is used by various cosmetic and soap firms to promote healthy skin and hair. Nutritional research on fenugreek seeds for hair has recently made significant strides. Fenugreek benefits in treating a wide range of medical issues in both men and women and used in many nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements

Fenugreek has been used as a remedy for a variety of ailments, such as digestive disorders, skin illnesses, hair problems, and leg weakness, since ancient times because of its benefits for our health. Iron, manganese, magnesium, fibre, and plant-based proteins are all found in abundance in fenugreek seeds and that’s what makes it a nutritious fibre rich foods. 

Fenugreek seeds or fenugreek powder contain pyridoxine, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and vitamins C and A. Methi seeds or methi powder are a good approach to increase the dietary fibre content of the diet since they contain a large amount of soluble fibre. 100 g of fenugreek or methi seeds contain 19.92 g of soluble fibre, according to the ICMR. The combination of fenugreek seeds' high fibre content and other minerals makes them an excellent food for maintaining good health.  

In conclusion, soluble dietary fiber is crucial for maintaining the health of our colon, gut, heart, and digestion. Constipation, a frequent digestive health problem that many people today encounter, is helped by it. Consuming a variety of foods will help us get the daily amount of dietary fiber we require. 

Fenugreek has a reputation for improving digestion because it may help with problems including bloating, indigestion, and constipation. Methi seeds is one of the high fiber foods that may help maintain regular bowel motions and eases stomach pain and provides constipation relief. Fenugreek aids in clearing out harmful toxins from the body. Fenugreek is the best laxative for constipation and to treat constipation, you may even consume fenugreek decoction in the morning. 

Methi seeds benefits by acting as a helpful addition to a weight loss diet. The soluble fiber in fenugreek seeds benefits by creates a feeling of fullness, reducing appetite and cravings. It may also help regulate normal blood sugar level by sugar control, preventing overeating and promoting weight management. Another way fenugreek aids in fat loss is by boosting metabolism. The seeds contain compounds that stimulate fat breakdown and increase energy expenditure, leading to more efficient calorie burn. 

Studies have shown that fenugreek seeds benefits may help reduce symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by helping to ease the pain associated with cramping and spasms in the intestines. 

Benefits Of Methi Water For Bloating Or Gas

If you frequently have gas or bloating, methi water is the ideal remedy for you. The enzymes that fight yeast growth and increase the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that creates acidity are made active by the warm water. By doing this, gas creation is reduced. And this gives you a healthy gut

How is methi water made?

There are only 4 easy steps:

  • Water should be warmed to 80°C (just before it boils).
  • Douse the methi seeds in it.
  • Soak for the night.
  • In the morning, strain and consume on an empty stomach. 

Another convenient way to keep your gut health thriving is to try nutraceutical products and genuine supplements like BodyFirst® Fenugreek Fibre supplement that comes in two delicious flavours and that is: Pulpy Mango & Tangy Orange that just needs to be added into normal water, stir it for a few minutes and drink it up. Fenugreek supplement not just helps to relieve gastric problems like bloating and flatulence but also helps to keep you full for longer hours restricting your unnecessary caloric intake. 

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