The Ultimate Guide to Your Whey Protein

The Ultimate Guide to Your Whey Protein

One of the fundamental macronutrients that the human body needs is protein. All other molecules in our body, including hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters, are built from this enormous molecule of amino acids

However, it's almost impossible to consume a diet rich in appropriate protein given our hectic lifestyles. Whey protein could be a great choice for you in this situation.

The potential of these protein supplements to encourage muscle growth, aid in muscle recovery, muscle soreness, reduce muscle breakdown and improve general health has made them popular in the fitness industry. And protein needs to be taken daily, at least enough to sustain daily bodily functions. 

And one of the most well-liked categories of dietary supplements is protein-based supplements. They can be found in the form of powders, protein shakes, protein smoothie, bars, and, recently, even carbonated beverages.  

Let’s first understand how Whey Protein is made 


Whey protein powder is the most commonly used powder among the many options available to consumers because of its effective nutritional value, quick digestion, and affordable pricing. Whey protein powder is a byproduct of the cheese-making process, in which milk is heated to remove unwanted microorganisms, separating the milk into curd and liquid whey. It is one of the best proteins because it has faster digestion in the body. 

The market offers three different varieties of whey protein powder. 

(i) Whey concentrate protein : This form of protein has a concentration of up to 90% protein. Of the three forms of whey protein powder, this is the one that is most affordable.

(ii) Whey protein isolates: This form often undergoes additional processing to eliminate fat and lactose and has a protein content of 90 to 95 percent. Compared to concentrated whey protein, they are a little more expensive.

(iii) Whey protein hydrolyzed: This type of whey protein is sometimes referred to as the purest form and best whey protein. It goes through the hydrolysis process. Its concentration is close to 98 percent. The least delicious and most pricey. 

How to consume Whey protein and how Whey Protein benefits


Whey Protein can be consumed pre workout or post workout. It is one of the best pre workout supplement as it provides enough protein to the body before workouts, helps in protein synthesis, and helps muscles grow. If you want lean muscle, definitely go for this supplement.

Guide to buying whey protein powder


For consumers' benefit, the supplement market is expanding quickly. As more and more competitors flood the market, prices become extremely competitive, and a lot of innovations and improvements are being made to the quality of the products being offered. 

However, as more and more consumers are drawn to the market, it is equally crucial for the consumer to be at least knowledgeable about how to choose the best protein powder from the wide range of possibilities accessible to make their workout beneficial. BodyFirst® Enzo Whey Protein provides premium quality protein with the addition of a digestive enzyme blend for maximum benefits. 

Here is our checklist for making sure your protein is of high quality:  


Protein to calorie ratio

One scoop of around 30-33 grams should contain protein intake of 22-25 grams 

Amino acid profile

It is crucial to ensure that all of the required amino acids are present in any amino acid supplement, like whey protein. Since some companies just disclose the amount of total protein consumed without providing the amino acid profile, it is always preferable to buy products from those who do. A proper amino acid profile means muscle growth, lean muscle mass, and faster muscle recovery. 


Those who are lactose intolerant or have any other digestive issues may want to wait until they receive the all-clear from their doctor before drinking. For instance, those who are lactose intolerant might go with isolate whey protein rather than concentrate.

Supplier and Packaging

It is crucial to always buy the product from the business' website or from a reputable online or offline retail chain. In addition, one should make sure that the boxes have company-verifiable barcodes, are not maliciously packaged, and are free of spelling errors.


Unfortunately, there is no indication of this on the label. Nevertheless, for a better experience, whey protein must have adequate mixability. Reviews, comments, experience, etc. can all be used to verify this.


Whey protein doesn't taste very nice, making it challenging to consume it raw. Choosing a decent flavor makes it possible to consume whey protein without any problems on a daily basis.

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