Enzo Whey Performance With Amino Acids, Boost Muscle Recovery | Prevents Muscle Soreness| Prevent Breakdown or Damage of muscle

  • Higher Protein Absorption
    Faster Protein Digestion & Absorption
  • 20% More Amino Acid
    No Added Sugar
  • Improves Protein Digestion
    Patented Enzyme Complex
  • Boosts Muscle Recovery
    Boosts Muscle Recovery
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Pack: Pack Of 1 Jar - 918gm - (27 Servings)

Pack Of 1 Jar - 918gm - (27 Servings)
Pack Of 1 Jar - 1870gm - (55 Servings)


    Patented Five Enzyme Blend

    DigeZyme® is a complex blend of five digestive enzymes α- amylase, cellulase, protease, lipase and lactase.

    Faster Protein Digestion & Absorption

    Premium quality Enzo Whey Performance contains a complex blend of 5 digestive enzymes (DigeZyme®), which aids the proper breakdown of protein into amino acids and speeds up absorption in the body..

    Boosts Muscle Recovery

    Enzo Whey Performance consists of amino acids which helps in repairing the damaged and injured tissue and also initiates faster formation of new tissues at the wounded sites. Because of the enzyme complex's presence, whey protein's ability to deliver amino acids helps muscle repair.

    No Bloating

    World class enzyme complex DigeZyme® aids faster digestion, minimizing the discomfort that protein indigestion can cause.

    No Added Sugar

    This protein supplement is a fitting option for individuals seeking to accrue lean muscle mass while avoiding excess calories.