My Gummies - Sharp Eye with Lutein & Astaxanthin to Support Retina Health, Strawberry Mix

  • Supports Retina Health
    Supports Retina Health
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FLAVOURS: Strawberry Mix

Strawberry Mix

Pack: Pack of 1 Box - 30 GUMMIES

Pack of 1 Box - 30 GUMMIES



    Helps Promote Good Eyesight

    The red pigment astaxanthin is found in marine animals and microorganisms, whereas the yellow pigments lutein and zeaxanthin are found in vegetables and fruits.

    Supports Retina Health

    Act as a light filter, shielding the eye tissues from damage caused by sunlight.

    Prevents Eye Strain And Dryness

    It appears that omega-3 fatty acids, DHA can improve the oil film of the eye. Reduces the symptoms of dry eyes.

    Helps Prevent Eye Irritation

    Lutein and zeaxanthin can help protect your eyes from high-energy light waves such as UV rays in sunlight.