BCAA PRIME with Fermented BCAA 5G and No Added Sugar which Improves Muscle Gain, Faster Recovery and Boost Endurance.

  • Faster Recovery
    Faster Recovery
  • Endurance Booster
    Endurance Booster
  • Improves Muscle Gain
    Improves Muscle Gain
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Flavour: Cola

Green Apple

Pack: Pack of 1 Jar - 309gm - (45 Servings)

Pack of 1 Jar - 309gm - (45 Servings)


    Faster Recovery

    L-Leucine is important in initiating muscle protein synthesis, which aids in faster muscle recovery.

    Endurance Booster

    BCAAs helps to promote the flow of glucose into muscles, which aids in maintaining energy levels and fitness goals on both training and non-training days.

    Improves Muscle Gain

    Leucine promotes muscle protein synthesis in the body, the process by which muscle is formed. High Leucine ratio of 2:1:1 helps promote anabolism and improves muscle gain.