Hair Care Tips For Healthier And Stronger Hair

Hair Care Tips For Healthier And Stronger Hair

Are you facing hair fall?  Do you see hair strands every time you brush your hair? Do you have a tendency to grow split ends? Or do you feel like your hairs are dehydrated  hair is dry and turned brittle? Then this article is for you. 

Studies show that men in the age of 18-50 years have a high prevalence of hair loss and also identified some of the risk factors associated. Whereas the majority of the hairfall for women is due to hormonal imbalance.  

In this article you will find out 

  1. Reasons for hair loss
  2. How to control hair fall
  3. Tips for hair fall solution

Reasons for hair loss

There are numerous reasons why an individual suffers from hair loss. These are some of them: 

  1. Stress: Unlike leaves on the tree, hair strands do have their natural cycle where they are meant to fall at the end of the resting period. When you are stressed, most of your hair follicles forcefully fall in the category of resting period. Hence stress increases your hair loss.
  2. Environmental factors: Environmental factors like dry weather, pollution, dust can cause make your hair thin,  making it dry and brittle hence you end up having hair fall and hair loss.  
  3. Auto-immune disease: Auto-immune diseases like alopecia, cancer can cause hair loss as individuals suffering from this disease have low immunity and the energy required is utilized for survival.  
  4. Nutrient deficiency: Individuals who are into excessive diets without consulting dieticians/nutritionists may lack some nutrients deficiency which can lead to hair fall and hair loss. 
  5. Hormonal imbalance: It is mainly seen in females than males. Females who have undergone delivering a baby, or suffering from PCOS, or in the meno-pause stage suffer hair loss.  

Summary: Hairfall could be due to numerous reasons but some of the major reasons are stress, environmental factors like pollution, dust, dry weather, wet weather, auto-immune disease and nutrient deficiency. 

How to control hair fall?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, “It is normal for a human being to shed 50-100 strands in a day, if the hair fall is greater than this, the person is suffering from excessive hair shedding.  

  1. Have a high protein diet: Your hair strands are made of keratin which is a kind of protein. Including foods rich in protein are chicken, egg, meat, lentils, pulses, soya, paneer will help. 
  2. Include nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E, fibre and protein. It will ensure to provide the nutrients required for your hair growth. Including 1 teaspoon of all types of seeds each and 4-5 almonds and walnuts in a day is sufficient. 
  3. Lead an active lifestyle: Regular exercise keeps us away from stress and its effect due to the production of good hormones happens after the exercise. If you are suffering from high stress levels, let's get moving.
  4. Take your supplements daily: Society has a love-hate kind of relationship with health supplements and nutraceutical products. Supplements do help when you take it with discipline and proper guidance. 

Supplements with collagen type 1 and type 3 will help your hair growth. Consume health supplements which are rich in antioxidants to fulfil your daily requirements as you can’t get all the required antioxidants through diet alone. 

BodyFirst has a wide range of supplements including Slug collagen which provides collagen type 1 and type 3, required to repair your hair. Tocotrienol, a super vitamin E essential for your hair, skin, and nail health, and Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant which is 560 times stronger than green tea extract, 800 times stronger than Coenzyme Q10, and 6000 times stronger than vitamin C. Astaxanthin is also helpful in females who are suffering from PCOS as it improves insulin sensitivity, lowers your oxidative stress and helps in hormonal balance. 

Summary: You can prevent hair loss by using supplements like Slug collagen which will promote keratin formation for your hair. Tocotrienol which is a super vitamin E promotes good health of your hair and astaxanthin which will scavenge free radicals from your body.  

Tips for hair fall solution 

  1. Massage your scalp: Massage your scalp with an oil preferably twice in a week can control hair fall.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb: Using a wide tooth comb can help your hair to detangle and avoid breakage. Start combing your hair gently towards the end then move upwards.
  3. Wash your hair oftenly: Washing your hair at least twice in a week removes the dirt present on the scalp. It helps to remove the oil produced by the sebaceous glands beneath the skin.   Summary: It is normal to have hair fall if it is only 50-100 strands per day but if it is excess, then you are experiencing hair loss. To have a control on hair fall solution try to massage your scalp with oil, use a wide tooth comb and wash your hair more oftenly. 

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