Introduction of BCAA

Branch Chain Amino Acids, commonly abbreviated as BCAA, refer to a group of essential amino acids that play a vital role in our overall health and well-being. A BCAA supplement consists of three amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine, generally in the proportion of 2:1:1, which are not produced naturally by our bodies. Hence, it is crucial to obtain them through our diet or dietary supplements. BCAA powder has gained significant popularity among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to improve their physical performance. These amino acids are specifically known for their ability to support muscle growth, enhance exercise endurance, and reduce muscle soreness after high intensity workout. Our premium quality BodyFirst® BCAA supplements are the best BCAA which is infused with BCAAs, vitamins, and electrolytes that help you achieve your fitness goals very smoothly and effectively, help with muscle building, and keep you on edge throughout your workout sesh.
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BCAA Advance - 2:1:1 BCAA formula with Citrulline D Malate & Electrolytes

BCAA Advance - 2:1:1 BCAA formula with Citrulline D Malate & Electrolytes

2,499.00 2,249.00
Muscle Recovery Increases Nitric Oxide Reduces Muscle Soreness Informed Sport Certified
BCAA Bone Health - 2:1:1 Fermented BCAA with Magnesium

BCAA Bone Health - 2:1:1 Fermented BCAA with Magnesium

Muscle Recovery High Bioavailable Bone Health
BCAA Ultimino - 2:1:1 Fermented BCAA & Glutamine which Reduce Muscle Soreness & Improve Immune Function

BCAA Ultimino - 2:1:1 Fermented BCAA & Glutamine which Reduce Muscle Soreness & Improve Immune Function

Muscle Recovery High Bioavailable Reduces muscle soreness Informed Sport Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BCAA supplement?
The three essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine—collectively known as BCAAs—are metabolized by the body and utilized as a source of muscular energy. Because the chemical structure of these three amino acids contains branches, they are known as branched chain amino acids. BCAA is a sport nutrition supplement that might be used by your body to boost energy production and muscle protein synthesis. They might also lessen fatigue by having an impact on your brain. All in all, the best nutrient for your workout routine.
Why is BCAA necessary?
Here are a few reasons why BCAA is so important for your body:
  1. Increased muscle growth: One of the greatest advantages of taking BCAA Supplements is the enhancement of muscle growth. Leucine, a key component of BCAAs, possesses the ability to stimulate protein synthesis, which aids in the building of muscles.
  2. Gives a consistent supply of energy: During intense workouts, when energy is in high demand, BCAAs provide your muscles with an extra source of energy. By playing vital roles in recovery, BCAAs help keep your body in a state of tissue recovery rather than catabolic processes.
  3. Building up your immune system: Furthermore, BCAA supplements may also strengthen your immune system, which might become fatigued and suppressed after long gym sessions. Even after enduring strenuous endurance activities for days or even weeks, the body's immune cells can utilize BCAAs as fuel and protect against harmful pathogens.
  4. Protecting your lean muscle: To preserve muscle mass when faced with conditions that promote protein breakdown, BCAA supplements are necessary as they help in the building of protein, thus increasing muscle mass.
  5. Alleviate muscular pain: BCAA supplementation may help with muscle recovery by alleviating muscle pain that generally persists for up to 72 hours even after intense exercise.
  6. Reduction of protein breakdown: Consuming BCAA supplements is an effective way to reduce levels of protein breakdown in the body. Furthermore, they may also significantly lower levels of creatine kinase, a marker for muscle injury.
What is the best time to use BCAA?
Before working out, you may give your muscles additional energy reserves and postpone the onset of exhaustion by ingesting BCAA protein supplements. A BCAA supplement can also be used intra workout to keep you well hydrated, and energized. By ingesting BCAAs following a core workout, you provide your body with the help it needs to rebuild, replenish, and repair muscles, reducing soreness the following day. Though BCAA can be taken before, during, or after exercise, it is best to take it during exercise to give your body the rush it needs to perform better with a continuous supply of nutrients to the working muscles.
What is the best vitamin for bones and joints?
Most people are aware that calcium is a crucial element for strong bones. Milk and yoghurt are good sources of calcium, but if you're not getting enough from meals alone, a supplement may be necessary. The cartilage and other joint cushioning tissue in your body may benefit from the use of fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids. Joint health supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Cartilage, which cushions our joints, contains these proteins naturally. When it comes to maintaining strong bones, magnesium really shines. Benefits the body's utilization of calcium and vitamin D.
How do BCAAs improve performance?
BCAAs benefits you by helping you create more muscle, increase your strength, and improve workout recovery. These benefits are crucial to your athletic performance. Regardless of your objectives, the key is to increase and maintain as much lean muscle mass as you can, and taking a high-quality BCAA supplement like BodyFirst® BCAAs will help you keep the gains you've worked so hard to get.