BodyFirst, for everyone who believes they are Made For More!

BodyFirst, for everyone who believes they are Made For More!

Today, wellness has become crucial for everyone across the Globe. But what is wellness all about? It is not only about exercising or running 10 miles every day, it is indeed about practicing healthy habits daily for a better physical and mental health. It’s not just surviving but it is about the feeling of goodness from within. It is an ongoing journey evolving positive changes in self. Adopting healthy eating, regular workouts, meditation etc coupled with right supplementation is the way to a better quality of Life.  We hear a lot about supplementation these days, but being informed with the right knowledge is important for the consumer to take a decision. 

BodyFirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is one such company, that is science based health supplements, wellness essentials, sports nutrition and personal health group. BodyFirst is an Indian brand catering to the needs of the consumer demographics with a home grown line of products using only the finest ingredients sourced from the best global suppliers across India, Japan, Malaysia, France, Ireland and the USA.

It is driven by the principle of providing World Class, Clean, Safe, Certified and Qualified products. It is led by the highly Qualified Founding team Suniel Shetty, Sandeep Gupta, and Pranay Jain with complementary expertise, leading experts and 30+ years of combined experience in nutraceuticals.

Armed with a personal journey of transformation and skills gained during his MBA, Pranay Jain founded a wellness brand, BodyFirst® with the credo of spreading true wellness and health. It was a huge leap of faith for him, as he was against Nutritional supplements. 

Sandeep Gupta, Nutraceutical Man of India; Executive Director, Chief Mentor & Strategic Alliance Founder, is known to be in the forefront for driving various initiatives in the interest of Public Health. He holds the baton of providing only the best to the consumer keeping in mind safety & effectiveness with scientific rationale. The product range of BodyFirst® stands testimony to this ethos. He has relentlessly pursued innovation to bring Nutrition to the households in simpler & fun filled formats.

Suniel Shetty a.k.a. Anna, Epitome of Fitness known for his ever young personality and representing various sports authorities, leagues, and initiatives in the country, joined hands with BodyFirst not just as a brand ambassador but also an investor. He swears by the principle of being Clean and that's what the brand also represents making a right fit in his personal journey as well!

BodyFirst has 120+ formulations, 50+ health ingredients, 20+ health markers, 10+ delivery formats, and 6+ product categories, catering to a wide taste palette with mass premium products, BodyFirst aspires to create a Nutrition-Affluent India for everyone who is Made For More. With its Bench to Bed-side wholistic approach, BodyFirst is innovating first-of-its-kind wellness technology to enable connected and customized nutrition & supplementation experience for customers through DIY interface, a data-driven BodyFirst platform, and small-delivery formats for nutraceutical products and services.

In the endeavors to be only the Best and Disruptive, BodyFirst® has recently launched its first ever, highly futuristic health-tech store that brings health and wellness together with a personalized approach to bring only the best and effective nutrition to everyone. It is not just focused on selling products to the consumers, but to bring science based nutrition to those who need it.

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