Vegan Omega-3-6-9 | Derived from Flaxseed | Joint Health, Brain Health, Immunity

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    Joint Health
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    Heart Health
  • TruHealthy® Omega from India
    TruHealthy® Omega from India
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Pack: Pack of 1 BOTTLE - 60 Veg Soft Capsules

Pack of 1 BOTTLE - 60 Veg Soft Capsules


    Vegan Omega

    100% Vegan Omega source from flax seed,extracted using cold press method. It is vegan source of Omega-3 with added benefit of Omega-6 & Omega-9

    Support Heart Health

    Omega 3 fatty acids helps in lowering blood pressure, keeping the heart healthy and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

    Improve Joint Health

    Omega 3 fatty acid provide lubrication to the joints allowing smooth movements and improved agility.

    Promote Brain Health

    The omega 3 fatty acids are important for normal brain function and development through all stages of life.

    Boost Immunity

    Omega 3 fatty acids help to boost the activity of a white blood cell known as B cell, which is a vital part of the body's immune system.

    Hydrates skin

    This plant based omega supplement helps reduce inflammation and locks the skin moisture.