My Strips - Iron with Microencapsulated Iron from AB-Fortis

  • Supports Formation Of Red Blood Cells
    Supports Formation Of Red Blood Cells
  • Highly Bioavailable Iron
    Highly Bioavailable Iron
  • Boost Immunity
    Boost Immunity
  • AB® Fortis
    AB® Fortis
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Pack: Pack of 1 Box - 30 Strips

Pack of 1 Box - 30 Strips


    Highest Bioavailability and absorption of Iron

    The iron available in the BodyFirst® My Strips Iron is microencapsulated which is highly bioavailable to the extent it gets absorbed for the normal body functions.

    Increase Hemoglobin Production

    Iron helps form and oxygenate our blood cells and hemoglobin. One of the most important functions of iron is in heme synthesis, which forms hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells.

    Boost Energy

    Iron deficient diet leads to anemia which in turn weakens energy and immunity. Ideal iron levels help boost immunity and energy levels.