L- CARNITINE 3000 mg - Regulate Fat Metabolism, Boost Cellular Energy, High Performance

  • Regulate Fat Metabolism
    Regulate Fat Metabolism
  • Boost Cellular Energy
    Boost Cellular Energy
  • High Performance
    High Performance
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Green Apple
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Pack: Pack of 1 Bottle - 450ml - 30 Serving

Pack of 1 Bottle - 450ml - 30 Serving


    Regulate Fat Metabolism

    BodyFirst® L-carnitine is a great supplement that aids in fat loss and helps build lean muscles. It enhances fat metabolism by transporting fat into the mitochondria where they are metabolized into ATP for energy. L-Carnitine transforms fat cells into energy which would otherwise be stored as fat and thus contribute to lean muscle.

    Boost Cellular Energy

    BodyFirst® L-carnitine helps to increase the cellular energy production, helps enhance blood flow to the muscles, and thus fights oxidative stress as it helps remove harmful compounds and toxins from within the mitochondria, which lowers the risk of accumulation and cellular damage.

    High Performance

    BodyFirst® L-carnitine helps to improve exercise performance by increasing the body’s ability to use fat as a fuel and help recover quicker by reducing muscle soreness. It also helps to support heart health by increasing the amount of fuel that the heart requires to function during high intensity workout.