Essential Amino Acids (EAA) Prime - The Ultimate Amino Recovery Formula containing 6.29g EAA with 3.95g BCAA for Muscle Building, Recovery, Strength, Energy & Endurance

  • Muscle Recovery
    Muscle Recovery
  • Energy Production
    Energy Production
  • Prevents Muscle Soreness
    Prevents Muscle Soreness
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Green Apple

Pack: Pack of 1 Jar - 300gm - (30 Servings)

Pack of 1 Jar - 300gm - (30 Servings)


    Muscle Recovery

    Provides amino acids required for muscle synthesis, which are quickly transported into your muscles, resulting in increased muscle gains and tissue repair. EAAs contain BCAAs, which are known to reduce muscle damage, thereby reducing the length and severity of muscle cramps.

    Energy Production

    Essential Amino Acids consists of a blend of nine amino acids which helps to build stamina and increases the limit of body endurance.

    Prevents Muscle Soreness

    Essential Amino Acids help in muscle protein synthesis which helps in reducing the fatigue and muscle soreness.