Superba Krill™ Oil

Source: Euphausia Superba (Antarctic Krill)
Brand: Superba Krill™ oil
Introduction:The Antarctic krill species Euphausia Superba is used to make Superba Krill™ oil. Krill are tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that are rich in phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin. EPA, DHA, and long- chain omega-3 fatty acids are good for your health. A special combination of EPA and DHA, choline, phospholipids and astaxanthin from Antarctic krill has been shown to promote human health. With new studies demonstrating advantages in the skin and sports sectors, the phospholipid complex of omega-3 and choline found in krill oil supports the heart, brain, liver and eye and supports these organs
  • Heart- It has been demonstrated that krill oil provides heart-healthy benefits, including a reduction in fasting triglyceride levels, a risk factor for developing heart disease.
  • Brain- Omega-3 DHA is transported across the blood-brain barrier with the help of phospholipids Anti-oxidant- It also provides protection from free radical damages.
  • Muscles-Joints- Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for controlling inflammation in the body, which is necessary for maintaining the health of our joints over time.
  • Liver- Choline and omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for supporting healthy liver function and helping with the right fat metabolism.
  • Eyes- The retina contains the greatest concentration of DHA in the body, making omega-3 fatty acids particularly crucial for maintaining the health of your eyes.
  • Skin- The suppleness and moisture of the skin are influenced by omega-3 fatty acids.
Comparison with other generic ingredient :
  • Superba Krill™ is the first and only krill oil ingredient to receive IKOS™ certification (International Krill Oil Standards).
  • Backed by Science with Extensive Documentation on the Health benefits.
  • Multi-nutrient supplement with head-to-toe benefits.
  • Authorized health claims and gold-standard science
  • Fully owned value chain for guaranteed quality and supply
  • Unmatched in specifications, quality, sustainability and traceability
Patents: Aker BioMarine’s patent application 15/040,330 approved, which covers the innovative Flexitech technology used to make Superba Krill™ oil products
Regulatory:  Approved by FSSAI