Brand: Digezyme from Sabinsa
Patent No: ZA2019/07676
Introduction: DigeZyme® is a unique, proprietary blend of five specific enzymes, viz. α-amylase (starch digestive enzyme), protease (protein digestive enzyme), lipase (Fat digestive enzyme), cellulose (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme). This provides optimal digestion of all the macromolecules. The following enzymes are derived from microbial sources that are reported to be stable under a wide range of gastric pH levels, effective in lower dosage, and have a broader pH range of activity than animal-based enzymes.
  • Helps promote optimal gastrointestinal activity
  • Helps in ensuring digestion and nutrient absorption.
Comparison with other generic ingredient :
  • Digestive enzymes present in DigeZyme® are derived from non-animal sources, such as bacteria and fungi, which are found to be stable in a number of formulations.
  • Each enzyme in this multi-enzyme complex formulation is of food grade and is non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • The specifications of this product adhere to the most stringent international standards and regulatory norms, such as Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), an accepted standard for the US FDA.
  • All the enzymes used in this multi-enzyme complex are safe in terms of their origin, quality, and efficacy.
  • Ensuring utmost care to the safety of the customers.
  • Patented Product.


Regulatory:  FSSAI Approved